On Craigslist and Typecasting

Ever look for a job on Craigslist? It’s a very self-revealing process. I’ll explain…

I’ve been scouring the Help Wanted Ads for weeks now seeking new employment opportunities. Given my qualifications (some college, good people skills, strong sales background) I pay close attention to the customer service, marketing/pr/ad, retail/wholesale and sales/biz dev sections. I live in Denver so in a city of  about a million people, there is always fresh, new jobs posted daily from different companies looking for talented individuals like myself to help increase their revenues.

However, having gained employment on a couple of occasions and interviewed for numerous other jobs, I’ve come to find out that the only type of  careers in which I am qualified are MLM’s, dead-end Sales gigs and entry-level call center bullshit.

Yeah I don’t have a college degree but I know I’m better than those alternatives. The best jobs I’ve had have come from people I’ve known, not what I’ve known. I’ll find my passion soon enough, and with it, the opportunity for an outstanding career!

But until then, I’m left typecast by Craigslist and its plentiful, yet fruitless, job prospects.

By The Thought Palace

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